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Lily has been engrossed in the world of hip hop from 2013. She joined the Pure Funk Family in the year 2015 and immediately loved their values within the studio. Constantly striving to be a better dancer she is always wanting to learn more.


Having done many styles such as: contemporary, breakdance, vogue, waacking and counting, she has found what style suits her the most, girly and hard-hitting hip hop. 


With her extensive martial arts background, she finds that dance and martial arts complement each other with regards to commitment, movement and discipline. Her personal philosophy is 'perfect practise makes perfect technique'.


Lily has had many opportunities to participate in workshops from many well-known and experienced dancers including:  Parris Goebel, Kiel Tutin, Yannis Marshall and O'Neill Twins


Lily was also given the opportunity to be part of the Rhythm Syndicate Competition Crew in 2015. She was also part of the Monster Crew in 2017 and is now currently in the adult crew. Being in a crew allowed her to develop great technique and gain knowledge of many other styles within hip hop.


She has had the opportunity to perform/ compete at many different places, as well as competitions she has performed at many small gigs and video projects and seeks collaboration with many dancers on the scene. 


2018- September- View Dance Challenge Rhythm Syndicate- High Gold

2018- June-Battlegrounds Rhythm Syndicate

2018- March-Hip Hop International Rhythm Syndicate- 3rd Place State Qualifier

2018- February/March- Adelaide Fringe Contemporary Show

2017- November- Raw Adelaide

2017- October- World Supremacy Battlegrounds Rhythm Syndicate Sydney

2017- September-Pure Funk Showcase

2016- December- Ding Productions NYE Strikers BBL Performance- Adelaide Oval

2016- September- Pure Funk Showcase

2016- June- Battlegrounds Rhythm Syndicate- Top 5


Lily is grateful for all the opportunities given to her since joining Pure Funk Dance and is keen to give back.

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