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Greg 'Dreaded' Potticary is a local BBOY and Hip Hop DJ. A veteran BBOY with a passion for teaching and a love for Break and Hip Hop music, Dreaded is always a hit with our students and is an energising presence in the studio.


He is a member of Cutlass Creative, the home of break in Adelaide.


Renowned Melbourne BBOY crew Kings Only counts Dreaded amongst it's members.


Dreaded runs 'Learn to Break' with Melski Mel.


Dreaded is currently featured in the Fringe as DJ for 'Total Non-Stop Tricks', which won the 2016 Fringe Emerging Artist Award. He has DJ'd many of our events including our End-Of-Year showcases. Dreaded is also a talented producer and you can check out his beats on his soundclound page HERE.

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