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Millie Williams

Emelia “Millie” Williams began attending Pure Funk classes in 2012 at 17 and quickly realised her passion for street dance, upping her attendance to 5+ classes a week and regularly participating in workshops with guest artists. Millie’s determination saw her involvement in numerous performing and competing dance crews, within and outside of Pure Funk, and won her the ‘Most Dedicated’ award at the MAS Presents Supercamp 2014.
In 2014 Millie also joined the team of Pure Funk instructors teaching hip hop in schools around Adelaide. She thoroughly enjoys working with children and presents hip hop as a creative and physical outlet for the kids and more recently Adults she teaches.

Millie has danced with a number of Pure Funk crews, and currently lends her hip hop training to Tektonix Crew, Code Magenta crew and adopts a more refined, pop-centric style.

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