Online Streaming Classes


Teacher: Lily

Time: Saturday 11:30 AM- 12:30 PM

Style: Hip Hop Choreography

Age Restrictions: 8 - 10 Years Old 

Registration will close 1 hour before classes start.


***you will receive a link to access the online meeting 30 minutes before your nominated class. The portal will be open 15 minutes before class, please understand that parents of minors are required to set up the Zoom meeting and ensure that their children are taking the class in an open, accessible area of your home (e.g the living room or backyard instead of the bedroom)***

Weekly Live Stream Classes - Kids Hip Hop

Which week you want to enrol?
  • Our live stream classes will be conducted through "Zoom". Prior to class, please create a free account and install the application (available on computer as well as mobile devices). Please understand that screen recording is not allowed due to privacy and copyright concerns. A demonstration of the routine will be recorded by the teacher and distributed after class.