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Vincent Bui

Vincent Bui aka Winnie was born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. It was during his early childhood in Holland that he discovered hip-hop but only after moving to Australia in 2005, did that
interest peak.


Primarily grounded in a classical music background learning the disciplines of hip-hop came around in high school when crews such as the Jabbawockeez, Poreotics, and Quest crew rose to mainstream. With Vincent's passion for music, dancing became a natural thing to follow up on and learning routines and techniques especially at these times with access to social media and online videos. Initially his first style developed when watching videos of simple finger tutting patterns, doing waves and body isolations.


In late 2013 Vincent took his first proper lyrical hip-hop class at Pure Funk. 3 years now since learning this movement and meeting many teachers and mentors significantly; David, Saravy, and Moon, Vincent now focuses on urban style choreography, breaking, popping and krumping representing the Pure Funk crew Tektonix and freakEVO. Participating in many local jams and battles winning his first battle during his rookie year, and also competed in Battlegrounds Adelaide placing 4th and 3rd qualifying to World Supremacy Battlegrounds with his crew Tektonix in his first and second year, respectively, Vincent continues to drive himself and learn.


Currently studying at the University of Adelaide majoring in Biotechnology, Vincent strives to complete his degree to pursue a career in science and continuing to educate himself on the movement of hip-hop as a culture as well as the dance in order to give back to his community and help society to progress in the close future and pass on and educate the younger generation.

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