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David started studying dance at the age of 13. Contemporary and ballet were his grounding foundations of dance right up to the age of 17 at Charles Campbell Secondary School; which is an arts specialist school.

Always passionate about all sorts of dance and music, David started his freestyle journey through experimenting with hip-hop, break-dance and liquid movements. Freestylin' in a club in Adelaide at the age of 23, David was poached by a local Urban Hip-Hop school. With great direction and mentoring David started his Hip-Hop teaching/choreographic career.


Teaching in various studios, primary and high schools across South Australia, He also joined a Hip-hop crew, the Purefunksta's and was involved in numerous showcases, competitions and back up dancing for various events.

Still not satisfied with his level of dance knowledge, and his eagerness to push his repertoire; David started Ballroom Latin competitively. Over a four-year period, David trained at Madeleine Dance Emporium, a renowned Ballroom/Latin competitive studio. He competed in three national Ballroom Latin championships, and numerous state competitions and showcases. Seeking more dance knowledge, and opportunities; David moved to London for a year adventure. He studied numerous classes at Pineapple Studios from Contemporary Rock, Michael Jackson, Popping and New-Age Hip-Hop. David was very fortunate enough to learn from Super Malcolm; twice UK’s national freestyle Hip-Hop champion. He also managed to work very closely with Annalisa Zoanetti; who is ranked top 40 in the world in Ballroom Latin.

His biggest inspiration is his eldest brother, Shane Placentino; a professional ballet dancer with a very successful career with the Australian Ballet Company and Sydney dance company. High energy, flow, and passion are at the forefront of his style and classes. With such a wide spectrum, David's ability is to speak dance in most languages and at all levels.

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