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Jasmine Lynch


Jasmine aka Bubbblegum Funk aka Bgirl MG.J茉莉 has been a regular at Pure Funk for 4 years now, having started in our Junior crew BeatBreakers, then Varsity squad DXG and is now a member of Code Magenta.


Jasmine started out with Theatre Bugs at age 6 before arriving at Pure Funk and has since tried her hand at Waacking, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk and KPOP. Her passion for dance and battling has led her to perform in a number of local and interstate competitions as both a crew member and Bgirl/AllStyles Battler.


She is currently a member of the Freaks Evo- Freak Elites crew and you can also catch her displaying her wide variety of dance styles at her Youtube channel


Over her many years of dance she has Performed in Sydney and Melbourne at the Kpop World Festival with K-otic. Performed at Battlegrounds Adelaide and WSB Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney Runner Up 2014 Freak Elites 5 year anniversary 3v3 Allstyles battle - Adelaide Winner 2015 Rookie Allstyles Battle - Adelaide Winner 2016 Burn Circuit AllStyles - Adelaide Top 4 2016 Dancekool Allstyles Battle - Adelaide Participant 2016 Waacking and Dancekool Allstyles Battle - Melbourne.

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