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Joe Zhou

Joe aka Slow-1, has been poppin for 5 and years. Current member of Freak Elites and senior member of D.R Boogie Joe has the passion for funk styles which encourages him to share,grow and continuously build in order to become one of the best poppers in Adelaide.


Over the years Slow-1 has had trained under famous dancers including Popkun (Puzzler) Ta-i (Atomic8) and won numerous awards including:

2014 Freestyle Crusader 4 - 1st place

2014 Freestyle Crusader 5 - 1st place

2014 GB Allstyle Battle 2 v 2 - 1st place

2014 Battlegrounds Allstyle Battle - 2nd place

2015 Battlegrounds all style 1v1 1st place

2015 - HALLOWEEN JAM 1st place

2015 - GB & TKX ALL STYLE BATTLE 1st place

2015 DMNDZ ANNIVERSARY 1st place

2015 KING OF THE HILL - Rockit Studio ALL STYLE 2 V 2 1st place

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