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We were very lucky to have Mixy discover us in 2011. Mixy is a very versatile and skilled performer for her age, and already had experience teaching in Nanjing in her native China before appearing at our studio seemingly out of nowhere and quickly being put through the Pure Funk program.

A specialist in Jazz Funk, she began her career training with various dance schools in Nanjing and Shanghai, before heading down under to study. 


Her bubbly personality and outstanding dance skills have endeared her to everyone in the Pure Funk family and we are always happy to have her back in the studio.


Some of her performances in China include The Nangjing TV End-of-Year party show, as a Jiangsu Arts "Big Star" hip-hop guest performer and the Jiangsu Satellite 'Absolute Sing' New Years Eve concert.


Mixy will be bringing her swagger to our Jazz-Funk-Pop classes. So do yourself a favour and experience Mixy's considerable talents while she's still on Aussie soil! Watch some of Mixy’s work from china here.


Mixy is also the coach of the Code Magenta performance crew, who are available for bookings.

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