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Pure Funk Performance TeAm

Pure Funk Dance has always been a nurturing environment for dancers to develop their passion. In 2020, we are proud to present a whole new platform for those who would like to take on the challenge of becoming a member of a Pure Funk Performance Crew.

We are very lucky to have Dion Apirana move to Adelaide in 2019 and become our exclusive Crew Director for all of our performance teams. He has brought a huge culture shock to the studio with his method of training. However, this has also brought us huge success within 10 months of training time. Our open crew placed 2nd in both Get The Beat and SASDS state competition and placed 4th in House of Champions Open Division (interstate competition). Both Open and Varsity Crew received a “Spirit of Dance” award as a recognition of their performance.

In 2020, we are looking forward to continuing this momentum and providing a more serious dance program for those who are looking to challenge themselves and think about dancing long term.

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